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The Discomfort Practice

The Discomfort Practice explores the value of discomfort in shaping who we are, how we are in the world and how it can be a catalyst for positive social evolution.

Betsy speaks to leaders, activists, athletes, creatives and others who, like her, are ‘professional discomforters’ about comfort zones, having a conscious ‘discomfort practice,’ and the superpowers that lie on the other side of stepping into the unknown. Come get uncomfortable with Betsy...

Oct 10, 2022

In this solo episode, I warmly welcome you to Season 4 of the Discomfort Practice podcast. As always, in this new season, you will find conversations with creatives, activists, leaders, scientists and a host of others about conscious discomfort, the role it’s played in their lives and the value of discomfort in us moving forward as a society. But what’s going to be a new ‘take’ on discomfort – and something I’m really excited about this season – is that it is likely to be a little more raw and unscripted. It will include interviews with those I consider the pioneers of discomfort and solo episodes which dive into the stories of my own heroes of discomfort, as well as more about my own personal journey and thoughts. As always, I’ll aim to model that embracing discomfort and choosing not to be ‘good’ can instead free you to bring something great to the world. As someone who deeply values and pursues consciousness and healing, I want to bring that to you, and to the world. So settle yourselves in and let’s get uncomfortable this season. I hope it’s a pleasure…

Key Points Discussed:

  • How the Discomfort Practice was born out the discomfort of Covid lockdown. (0:12)
  • Season Four’s focus on the OGs of discomfort: the pioneers. Interviews with Betsy’s modern-day heroes; as well as delving into the stories of past heroes. (3:24)
  • Betsy delves into her past and her own discomfort journey. (3:38)
  • Society tells us we need to be good, but what about if we reject the idea of being good, in order to fulfill our greatness. (8:15)
  • This season will be a little more raw, unfiltered and unscripted. (9:21)

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